Summary of the Theory of virtuality in russian

The terms “virtual reality” and “virtuality” are used widely as not theoretical ideas, but it is faster as metaphors. In the logic concepts “possible world” and “artificial reality” are used widely, but this consepts with “virtual reality” are in no way correlated. “Virtual reality” they dabble in psychology or they make with the object of the logic of modality, “virtuality” they attempt to interpret from the actuality. The theory of virtuality (TV) proceeds from the fact that the virtuality is not subject to interpretation, it is subject to comprehension from the position of construction.

TV answers five questions: 1) what is reality; 2) how an ideas about the virtuality are permitted; 3) how a virtual ideas are permitted; 4) how the artificial intellect is permitted; 5) are there a method and the means of of more adequate, than traditional, the expression of the absolutes: being, god and so as? Answer to these questions is produced not as understanding or explanation, but as understanding and ontological substantiation through reontologization.

TV is fundamental and universal metaontology, which makes it possible to propose inside itself a whole series of interdisciplinary theories, approaches, concepts and technologies: the theory of reality as the successor of set theory, the theory of construction through the levels of rate normativation and configuration, the theory of reflection and contraflection, theory of “AV”-models as construct-semiosis, the theory of continuum-apperception, technology of the immanent and conceptual apperceptions of objects and processes, the concept of relevant truth, theory of structural “AV”-model's modality and comodality, the theories of the alternative sequence of events and alternative connection of processes, the concept of six-dimensional world and irregular realities, the theory of linguistic normativation, and also the approaches: to the theory of the work of the brain, to the theory of the artificial intellect, to the theory of networks, to the theory of processes, to the theory of communication.

Work or book "Theory of virtuality" is published in Internet in russian 18.11.2008 - actual version.

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